Why Blogging Matters

by Sarah Koci Scheilz, Pilcher Creative Agency Blogger & Copywriter

We can all make a list of things that are mission-critical to our businesses. Invoicing? Check. Customer service? Check. HR management? Check. Make your list. But there’s something you’ve likely forgotten: blogging.

Just why does blogging matter to your business? Let us count the ways . . .

  • Set yourself apart from your competition — you’re the expert. Blogging allows you to share knowledge, insight and expertise, demonstrating just how much of a star you are in your field. Consider your blog a forum to showcase why you’re different and just how well you know what you’re doing.
  • Spread the news. There’s always something exciting taking place within your business or your industry. Your blog is the place to share this. Get stakeholders just as excited as you are about the growth, changes and expansion!
  • Three letters: SEO. How search engines generate their results changes constantly. But one metric doesn’t change: updates. Adding blog content is the most consistent, time-tested, proven way to enhance your SEO. Blogging consistently brings your website to the top of search engine results, right to the eyeballs of future customers.
  • Build content you can use elsewhere. Content from your blog can be used elsewhere! When clients or potential customers ask one of those FAQs, pass along the link to a blog post where that’s answered. Build a brochure from previous posts. Include blog links in your e-newsletter. Or print posts for your office’s waiting room, for your clients to catch up while they wait.
  • Blogs are a gateway to sales. New offering? Need to remind potential buyers of a favorite product? Blogging about this is a fantastic way to get it to the top of their minds and remind them of their intention to purchase.
  • Empower your evangelists. Call them what you want, but your business likely has evangelists: those who refer frequently, sing your praises and spread the word about you. Every blog post is another opportunity for them to spread the word. It’s something they can email to others and post to social media; at the very least, a well- crafted blog reaffirms their commitment to you and revamps their enthusiasm.

When we’re busy putting out business fires, blogging can fall to the bottom of the to-do list. But for your business’s prosperity, make it a priority. Blogging really is mission-critical.

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