Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

by Guest Blogger Sheila Olson of |

More Rest Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best When Running Your Business.

Quality sleep has numerous benefits, from reducing work-related stress and anxiety to helping you look your physical best. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, getting good sleep can even reduce the potential for developing some types of diseases. Despite the many positives of regenerating sleep, most of us don’t get the quality and quantity our bodies need. Fortunately, there are ways to optimize sleep habits to look and feel better from head to toe. If work worries are keeping you awake, try to decompress before hitting the sheets, and consider the benefits of utilizing a resource like Pilcher Creative Media to help you solve your most pressing business challenges.

What’s Eating You?

While we all enjoy the occasional bedtime snack, eating before sleep can lead to acid reflux that can impact your slumber. Your system also has to try and digest the food while you’re sleeping, which isn’t ideal. A nightcap might help you fall asleep, but it can also wake you up when the effects eventually wear off. Too much caffeine before bed is another sleep disrupter. Try limiting your food intake in the evening, and if you need a beverage, try a caffeine-free herbal tea.

Did You Hear That?

Try to sleep in a room that’s insulated from too much sound, or impart a noise moratorium in your home after a certain hour. White noise machines, fans, nature sounds, and even music can help drown out uncontrollable ambient sounds that disrupt slumber. You can find all kinds of tech products to help in this department, from eye masks with soft built-in Bluetooth speakers to earbuds.

Is the Light On?

Many people get more restful sleep in a dark environment. If you’ve been struggling with sleep issues, turn down the lights and consider installing black-out curtains or using a sleep mask and see if there’s a noticeable difference in your sleep patterns. If you work a different shift from a bedmate, get into a schedule in which the early-rising partner gets prepared for the day in another part of the home, if feasible. 

Who’s Snoring?

Snoring and sleep apnea can be major sleep disruptors, both for the person snoring and anyone sharing a bed with the noisy offender. Snoring isn’t actually something to be laughed off – it has the potential to underlie a serious condition and should be evaluated by a physician. There are various treatments available to treat chronic snoring and sleep apnea, including weight loss, if it’s a factor, and utilization of a C-pap or B-pap machine to help prevent airway restriction during sleep. 

Must We Have Devices?

According to, watching television or using phones or tablets can interrupt your circadian rhythm and impact your ability to fall and stay asleep. Try to restrict device usage in the evening hours. Having phones in the bedroom can also disrupt sleep if there are pings and alerts going off during the night. While you may be unwilling to turn your phone off, you can change your settings to only allow nighttime calls from specific numbers, like kids or senior parents, who may need to reach you in an emergency.

Is It Hot in Here?

Temperature plays a big role in how we sleep, with cooler environments offering better slumber. Experiment with different bedding fabrics to find what best suits your body temperature needs, and consider layers rather than single heavy quilts or bedspreads. Cooling pillows can also make you sleep better. Mattress firmness and quality can play a major role as well, so consider adjustable-setting beds if you and your bedmate have different physical and temperature requirements.   

We all need adequate sleep to function well at work, at play, and at home. Solid and rejuvenating rest truly is “beauty sleep,” and getting the right amount of snooze time can help ensure you look and feel your very best!

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