Social Media Case Study

The first thing people often ask is, “What is the foundation of a great social media presence?” and the answer is:

  • Consistent branding
  • Regular, engaging posts
  • Sharing of great content
  • Providing superior customer service by responding quickly

Below is proof of how regular, engaging social media content increases your business reach:

This was a business that started with no social media branding and very few fans.




They were only posting a few times a month as they struggled to find the time to post new updates.

Social media is free and it wasn’t doing anything for their business.

This is where ViziSocial entered the scene. We branded all of their pages, linked them together, and began posting engaging content regularly.

Here is a graph showing the affect of ViziSocial’s work in just one week:







After only a few months, this customer saw thousands of dollars in return with new clients and referrals coming through their social media pages on a regular basis.

This case study shows how important social media is to your business.

ViziSocial can help you have effective and engaging advertising through your social media pages.

Advertising can cost you thousands, while ViziSocial can cost you less than $300 monthly with no contract. Save time and money with our help!